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Who we are

BKRS PHARMA PVT. LTD. Is a highly progressive Pharma Manufacturing company involved in manufacturing and exports of branded and generic pharmaceutical formulations. The product portfolio includes highly innovative prescription drugs in various therapeutic areas.


A quality conscious manufacturer and exporter of pharmaceutical products.
Company’s products are currently exported to Nigeria, Mozambique, Jamaica, Uganda, Cambodia, Kazakhstan, Russia, Belarus, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Mongolia & its products are under registrations in Peru, Costa Rica, Zambia, Botswana, Ivory Coast, Myanmar, Fiji.
The company has established an extensive network for its product range throughout India & Abroad.


    • Large capacities to produce bulk quantities.
    • Innovated & Sophisticated Packing Facilities in the local languages of the countries as per specific requirements.
    • Commitment to excellence and quality.
    • Dedicated and committed team of professionals.
    • Highly qualified personals  in QC & QA (in Manufacturing).
    • Flexibility of batch sizes.
    • Cost effective.
    • Top experienced and well versed dedicated staff in dispatching of Shipments.
    Manufacturing Facilities:

    "The company manufactures its products at different Ultra modern Facilities for dispatch and logistics in India." All the Manufacturing Plants are WHO-GMP Certified fully equipped to manufacture:

      • Injectables
      • Tablets
      • Capsules
      • Ointments
      • Eye & Ear Drops
      • Large Volume Parenterals


      To become a leading drug manufacturer & Exporter of Pharmaceuticals from India with WHO GMP norms focusing on PICS GMP in Future.
      To produce Life saving drugs at affordable prices with maximum reach.
      To be a reputed and reliable supplier of health care products and services to our customers throughout globally.
      To create and sustain a learning environment that nurtures innovation, leading to collective excellence.
      To be a leader in management practices and marketing excellence.
      To improve & expand the range of services for our clients & partners especially in importing countries.


      The company strategy is to introduce innovative specialized products while retaining products of very high quality at affordable prices.


      Star Certifications UK Limited an ISO 9001-2015 Company @ WHO GMP Certified Plants! With quality management systems.
      Audits Successfully Faced by MOH :-
      1.    KAZAKHSTAN
      2.    NIGERIA
      3.    UZBEKISTAN
      4.    UGANDA
      5.    KYRGYSZTAN
      6.    TURKMENISTAN
      7.    ECUADOR
      8.    JAMAICA
      9.    CAMBODIA

      Research & Development:

      BKRS has tie ups with strong and innovative Research and Development Centers, R&D center with whom our company as got tie-up our based in Bangalore & Hyderabad who have made significant breakthroughs in the development of various active pharmacological ingredients. From these centers research is continuously on-going for the development and marketing of additional products. Many of the other products under development in R&D are likely to go off patent in Europe and America which will substantially increase export sales over the next few years.

      Quality Policy:

      Quality is customer driven and not merely a departmental obligation. To ensure the total Quality Management, Company BKRS PHARMA provides special trainings and courses to its employees for Quality Assurance Checks while manufacturing and packaging of the export orders online. The QA department strictly follows all the recommendations specified in US Pharmacopeia, British Pharmacopeia, Russian Pharmacopeia and Indian Pharmacopeia’s for Raw material checks, in process checks, and finished goods testing. Raw materials are accepted for manufacturing only after found to be a pharmacopeia grade by the QA & QC Managers of our company.
      BKRS PHARMA reiterates its commitment to quality and strives to produce and launch high quality medicines time to time.


      Our Company welcome both experienced professional & beginner who are ready to develop skills of achieve high results is a want to become a part of our team please send your CV to